Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clergy Appreciation Month

I'm reposting this, with a few changes, from a few years ago. Still good suggestions!

October is Clergy Appreciation Month. Have you done something for the pastors/ministers in your life to let them know you value their ministry? There are some great ideas here from the Pastor's Retreat Network. Pastors and other clergy are not supermen (or superwoman). They are sometimes expected to do it all, do it all well, do it all well without complaining. Like everyone else, clergy folks usually do better in an atmosphere of appreciation and care. Here are some ideas.


1 Write a note of apreciation.

2 Pray for your pastor regularly.

3 Stop the rumor mill.

4 Invite him or her out to lunch, golfing, or some other shared interest, without an agenda.

5 Offer to babysit the kids (or dog sit, or sit with an elderly mom or dad--whatever necessary) so pastor and spouse can have an evening together; even better, offer them a gift certificate to a restaurant they enjoy.

6 Honor his or her day off – allow time for rest, personal renewal and family time.

7 In times of loss, offer sympathy, care and practical help.

8 Consider holidays and other family days – if the pastor is far from their family of origin, invite them to your celebration – no strings attached.

9 Ask how you can help and then follow through.

10 Tell him or her what you’ve learned from their sermon.

11 Go to for ideas on how to celebrate your minister during Pastor Appreciation Month.

12 Consider a sabbatical time for your pastor and find a way to provide one as needed.

Pastors Retreat Network provides pastors and their spouses with a five-day, self-directed retreat experience that is free of charge. It is a time to rest, spiritually renew, and reconnect with God and spouse. Consider how an experience like this might benefit your minister. For more information, please visit --

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