Saturday, January 07, 2006

Someone Take Me To California!

What is a California girl, born and raised, doing up here in the north? Seventeen days without sunshine! I am feeling the effects, getting gloomy and crabby and sleepy! Did I say I love snow? Bah! I vote we all get ourselves really fat and hibernate till the crocuses start popping up through the snow, at least. Or maybe I should go make a pan of fudge and try out the new super-duper amazing non-stick plastic pans I got for Christmas.


see-through faith said...

lol - get fat and wait till the crocus come :) LOVE it!

the way I'm feeling today - I think I'll take you up on it. Spring comes here in MAY :(


(wouldnt I lose weight if I hiberated - now that thought cheered me up no end)

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Yes indeed, we would start out nice and fat but by the time we awoke we'd be slim!

Unknown Preacher said...

Um...not all parts of California are created equal. I moved to a small mountain town in Northeast Cali and we have snow on the ground and howling wind outside. Not as bitter cold as I remember Wisconsin being (man that was one nasty night in a broke down van on the side of the interstate in a blizzard - we were saved by an emergency tow truck driver on his way home in one beefy truck).