Monday, March 30, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Most who read here will know that I have recently resigned as pastor of Jubilee AG and I am seeking future direction--ministry wise and financial as well.

I am asking for help.

I am designing a small pamphlet/flier that I will be sharing with pastors at our upcoming district council and eventually other pastors as well, both AG and other denominations. I also think I will be setting up a display for the "exhibit hall"--you know, where people can get information about products, the seminary, colleges, programs, and so on. This will include a little text, several pictures and maybe a graphic. The little handout will be as brief as I can make it while being informative about who I am and why they should contact me right away to invite me to speak....ahem.

I need a name. This may be foreign in some of the church traditions of folks who read this blog, I know, but not to AG folks. My husband suggested, "SingingOwl Ministries." I am not sure if he was serious or joking, but I told him people would think I was Native American or pagan--ha! My real name does not flow well when spoken, so I'd prefer not to use that.

Someone who knows me well said, "You are about relationships. You talk about relationships between Christians of differing denominations, relationships within the church, relationship with God, relationships between men and women and husbands and wives." Good point, but how in the world to condense that?

Some of you know me in real life, and some only from what you read here or other places in cyber spaces, but I confess to being completely blank. Any ideas?


chartreuseova said...

Just quickly brainstorming so this may be way off base.

Koinonia. I think that's how it is spelled. I don't know if it is already in use or if it might be too hard for folks to grasp the meaning.

I think that "Someone" is right. You are about relationships, coming together in diversity and finding common ground. Communion.

Another thought. Is there a particular or favorite Bible verse that fits. Choose a key word or two to use.

I'll let you know if anything else comes to mind.

Jeni said...

Well, whether your husband was serious or not, I kind of like the "SingingOwl Ministries" or some variation thereof. That is what you're doing aren't you -ministering, but in a slightly different manner. And to title it in a way that encompasses several different things, under your name like that, I would think would be enticing and effective.

LoieJ said...

Just don't smile too much when you tell people about their best life now. snort

nightmare said...

I vote for a tribute to a fellow revolutionary, call it Common Sense.

Ruth said...

Go ahead and call it SingingOwl Ministries. There are enough people who will be curious about why you'd call a ministry *that* so you'll have a chance to introduce yourself and what you're about. A few will shun based on their fear and misconceptions but even though can be won over in time. Eventually people will forget any initial discomfort and be very welcoming of a Singing Owl.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

hmmmmm....interesting so far

Unknown said...

I was searching on Bablefish and trying to translate something from English to Hebrew and couldn't do it. But as I was doing that I was reading what others wrote and thought of "My Hearts Song Ministries". I thought of this because you have a fantastic voice and a real heart for Christ and you are real. So sing your hearts song.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...


Gilly said...

You need something that flows. Singing Owl Ministries is a bit long - why not Owl Song Ministries? And "My Heart's Song Ministries is lovely but a wee bit cumbersome - so why not Heart Song Ministries? Or, if you want to stress the relationship angle, how about Connections? Or something with Roots in it? Roots Ministries? (No, that sounds like a Garden Centre!! ;) )

You are siging info for people to go in different directions, - Arrows Ministries? (My facetious self comes up with "The Owl and the Arrow" but that sounds so like an English Pub!! LOL!)

Or Compass?, with or without Ministries after it?

Think I'd better stop!

Iris Godfrey said...

All good so far. My comment has not so much to do with name but purpose.

My suggestion is that you spend time with the Lord defining in a sentence the purpose of your ministry. Let Him define it for you. Out of that definition will come an appropriate name.

Many would call this a mission statement, but I believe it is far beyond that. Out of our call comes out ministry. What is your call? How would the Lord go about defining what He has instructed, gifted and opened doors for your to do? Are there parameters He has for you? How broad or how narrow a focus does it need to be.

Once you have that input, then you can allow an appropriate name to surface. I think those given are very good ones, but are they what He desires you to use for Him?

I know that is long. My apology. These questions are what rose up in me as I read your blog this morning earlier.


Anonymous said...

Correction for blog address.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Here are my thoughts, so far. Koinonia--I thought of that too, CO. I think the meaning is kind of known by some, usually because it is used for small group kinds of things. I am thinking about the Bible verse idea...would be nice to put a reference somewhere, wouldn't it?

As for "SingingOwl Ministries" I understand what you Jeni are saying, and you too, Ruth. But I do think it is a bit long, and the main thing that would be likely to happen (I think) is that people would assume I was going to come with a music ministry and sing for them. Actually, I likely will do that, but it isn't the know?

As for you, PS, HA HA HA. Verrrry funny. ;-)

Common sense? Hmmmm...

Cathy, I love what you said, "... you have a fantastic voice and a real heart for Christ and you are real. So sing your hearts song." That brought tears to my eyes. ((((CK))))))

I do not think I have a fantastic voice--just an okay one, but I do think it is somehow part of who I am--the music thging that happens. It is true, as you know, that I ofen end up singing a song, or part of a song, that I had no intention of singing. I never know if this is a good and Spirit led thing, or just a dopey thing, but I think I am likely to keep doing that. HA! Happened again at the prison chapel last Sunday. I may blog about that in a day or so. Anyway, I am pondering this, in connection with the owl thingy....

Heart Song is taken. :-( I love it, and think I'd go with that, except there is a travelling family who are well known in Wisconsin and Minnesota AG churches who use that name.

Compass? Hmmmmmm....

Gilly, I LOL at Owl and the Arrow = English pub. Hahahahahahah! I think I agree!

This is kinda cool--brainstorming online! Thanks for chiming in, all! What terrific people I have in my life, online and in "real" life as well.

Iris, I value your input and have been doing what you said, sort of. Like a mission statement--yes--but very condensed. Like Manna Word! :-)

I am going over to daughter's house today where we are going to work on the flyer, and we will pray and talk about this too. I think that there is a name in the mind of God that is what should be...pondering and praying and saying thanks to you all!

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

P.S. Have been trying to distill "Who am I" into a will try to distill my purpose and calling into one sentence. Very good advice.

I can see a name and maybe under that, somewhere or other, I use the sentence, or scripture, that explains the name....

____________ ___________ Ministries

______ _______ ______ _____ _____

:-) I think I am losing it!

LoieJ said...

Be sure to Google some of your thoughts of a title. You don't want rude references or something that is too common. My original blog name turned out to be a line from a rude limerick. Ha. Lots of strange hits. I changed it in a week! Also, if you need to make the name into an official business name, there might be some restrictions.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

a rude limerick? oh dear! good advice!

Lori said...

....there once was a Pastor called Singing Owl...

(no, I won't go on)

I'm going brain noodle for you:

Emergent Christ Ministries
Jesus in the 21st Century
New Century Ascension
Hands of Faith
Hearts of Faith
New Hope Ministries
Rural Pastor Ministries (....RPM? as in Vroom Vroom :)

There's a few. Let me know if you'd like more.

Anonymous said...

Bablefish is a website that is a translator. You can type in anything and have it translated into what ever language. But it did not have Hebrew only Greek.

And yes you do have a fantastic voice (((((U))))))

I thought the name could be "My hearts song" that way it says what it means.
LOL I like the RPM that is awesome!
(This is CK) I forgot my password LOL

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Last night I did come up with a sentence. I thought Iris' suggestion was a very wise one. There is a common thread in most, if not all, that I tend to preach/teach about. Kris will be doing some things with me too, and between the two of us and God we did narrow it down a bit.

A bad joke?

Bring your umbrellas, ala Gallager, as we slaughter some sacred cows!

Just kidding...

More about this later--but the theme from a negative side is breaking the artificial molds we Christians put on ourselves, smashing sterotypes, taking an honest look at what we have been taught is God's it really? The result, on the positive side, is encouraging the Church to walk in freedom. We are not in bondage...except WE keep putting ourselves there.

Okay, that was more than a sentence, but the sentence is not in front of me. You get the idea. :-) It is about liberty/freedom etc.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very promising. I look forward to what will come.
Blessing you.

Anonymous said...

How about: "Encouraging the Church to walk in Freedom and not in th bondage we put ourselves in."

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

For a ministry name? A little long...dontcha think? ;-) If you are trying to remember the sentence, it is on that order. (((hugs))))

1-4 Grace said...

Singing Owl Gives A Hoot

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

That's IT! Brilliant, 14Grace!

Sally said...

I want to come up with something really good and meaningful, but my brain is like sludge, prayers hough that you will find exactly the right name and way forward.

Anonymous said...

How about "Connections" or "Connecting Hearts" :) Maureen