Monday, February 27, 2006

Sheep: Part Two

Look at these little sheep in their green pasture!

After church today I took off my suit and donned my pajamas. (I'm not feeling quite up to par.) Then I dug out an old cassette from my days at college. It's a cassette of Nova Choir. One of my best college memories is of singing in this group of 15 choir members. We traveled one spring break, and the Lord did wonderful things among us. I wanted to remember a song that was quite popular at the time, "The New 23rd." I thought I might even play the tape on Wednesday as part of the Bible study.

Wow. Perspective changes. On the cover, in the second row of the choir, I stand smiling. I'm wearing an afro though. Eek! I'd forgotten. Something is really wrong about that. The cassette tape is scratchy and tinny, and the sopranos are....oh dear....a bit flat on some of the high notes of the song. Sigh.

I loved the 23rd Psalm then, and I still love it. I loved sheep imagery and I still do.

Thank you, Good Shepherd of the sheep, for still calling to us. May we follow where you lead us.


Bad Alice said...

Oh ya gotta post a photo of yourself with an afro!

Anonymous said...

hope you are feeling better?