Friday, February 17, 2006

Winter Olympics Friday Five

The Rev. Gals Friday Five is about the Olympics. We've been watching on and off all week.

1) Which of the Winter Olympic sports is your favorite to watch?

Figure's, women's, pairs, I like them all.

2) Do you speak Snowboardese?

No. DH and I were just saying how they should put a glossary on the screen or something. I enjoyed "The Flying Tomato" however. So just what is a "fakey fakey?"

3) Define Nordic Combined. Don't look it up. Take a guess if you must.

I think it is a combo of cross country skiing and then ski jumping?

4) Curling. Please discuss.

I never see enough to figure the game out. I have NO idea what it is about. I used to work in an office next door to an office in which worked a woman who was a major curling enthusiast. She and her friends spent every weekend curling...all winter long. I once tried to quizz her about the game, but I never quite grasped the major concepts. I did come away from the encounter with a great cookbook though. It is called "Hot Off the Ice" and contains recipies from a large number of curling Milwaukee area folks and others from curling enthusiasts from around the world.

Here is a table prayer from the first page:

Bless our friends, bless our food
Curling has brought us together!
See our joy, feel our love,
As we break bread together.
Friendship and love are our guiding light,
Guiding light forevermore,
Bless our friends and bless our food,
To all, good curling forever!

Um, I guess I can say AMEN to that?

5) If you could be a Winter Olympics Champion just by wishing for it, which sport
would you choose for winning your Gold Medal?

Ooh, figure skating. No question. Not because it is my favorite. Because if I was a figure skating champ I would be graceful. Gracefulness rates high in my book of characteristics I wish I had but do not. I would have great balance--something I've also never had...and I'd get to wear cool costumes...and then there is the music and the footwork, and....well, I just get to wish for it, so of course there would be no bruises or broken bones or frozen butt cheeks or embarrasing falls or nerves...just the good stuff.


Unknown said...

I love that prayer!

Anonymous said...

Curling, it's like marbles on steroids!


Questing Parson said...

Could we have a Curler's recipe, please?

see-through faith said...


I was on holiday in the middle of no-where last week (in Finland)

adn we watched curling

hey the Finns took the silver medal and the team will compete for the gold in the hockey against arch enemies Sweden.

Hope you'll be rooting for our team.

I loved the women's figure skating too - and was so happy the Japanese lady won- she was graceful and not only jumping out of her skin

how are you singing owl?