Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dr. Debbie

That sounds funny, doesn't it? That is what Dr. Deborah Menken Gill prefers to be called. It says a lot about her. She is a fellow member of Christians for Biblical Equality and was the morning Bible teacher at family camp last week. I was so happy that she was invited to be the speaker--the first woman ever to speak at our camp, and she is a gem. That is Dr. Debbie on the left, and Dr. Barbara Cavaness on the right. They coauthored "God's Women Then and Now." It is availiable here.

Her credentials are impressive. She is fluent in ancient Greek and Hebrew, has some sort of music degree as well as her theology degrees, taught at the undergrad and grad level, was a missionary, a pastor, currently serving at a top level in the Assemblies of God. All that, and yet when you meet her she can best be described as perky. IMO, a perky intellectual is a rare bird indeed! (Dr. Debbie...says it all.) She is funny and articulate and bright and yet so down-to-earth that a child could have understood her presentations at camp. I have been around her several times, though not "up close and personal" till last week, but the woman NEVER stops smiling! She has a perpetual look of anticipation on her if she expects to discover something wonderful at any moment! It can't be faked...would be exhausting.

At one point she was on one side of me, and Pastor Carol Vetter (pastors a deaf church in Chicago--another gem!) was on the other and our arms were around each others shoulders as we each prayed for the other. Tears were streaming down my face, and I wondered why. I think I understand a little now. It was an unusual thing to have three women preachers in the same place, praying for each other. Those are two wonderful, strong, intelligent and compassionate women. Strong women! It is good to be STRONG in the Lord! For so many years I deliberately tried NOT to be strong.

Thank God for grace and mercy and freedom to be! I am inspired!

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