Sunday, July 24, 2005

Anticipating Sweet Fruit

Mmmmm...fruit is wonderful. Yesterday I purchased strawberries, plums, peaches, nectarines and grapes. I couldn't help myslef. But as I stood looking at the fruit in our local grocery store, I thought of my sermon series and of how love, joy, peace, patience and the rest are sweet, lovely to see, nourishing and delicious. And they take time, but the do come, if things are right.

I have a strawberry patch in my backyard. I watched as our cold winter receded and the leaves slowly came on the plants, turned green, got larger...then blossoms came. Many lovely white blossoms. I was anticipating a nice feast of strawberries. But such was not to be. The birds came and pecked all the tiny berries. I put up a net, but it was too late, apparently.

The growing season here in Wisconsin is not long, unlike some places that may get two harvests, or even three, in one season.

How disappointing to anticipate fruit and then not get the benefit from it! I think the same thing is true in the realm of "spritual fruit." It is disappointing, and it may be a while before the chance for growth comes again.

I am not sure why I am thinking of this, except that I feel an urgency inside about missing opportunities to grow. I don't want to miss even one! Who knows when the chance may come again?

I love my friend Maureen's comment to the post about dirt. I can have about as much of God as I want to have. I've been pondering that as I watch lovely fruit growing in the lives of some around me. Some of it has been a long time coming, but I see it. Thank you, Holy Spirit. I want a rich, ripe, sweet, nourishing harvest. Baskets full! I'm watching for it.

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