Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I Found Some Owl Pictures

Aren't these funny?

Elsewhere on the internet someone commented that I really did look like an owl and had even picked just the right background. I am confident, or at least reasonably certain, that the remark wasn't meant as a compliment. However, I looked at my picture again and had to admit that perhaps he did indeed have a point. Ha!

It wasn't just a fake background. I really was standing near the woods. If I am becoming more and more like my nickname, I hope I look more like the "smiling" owl. Whooo, the other one is one scary looking bird! Look at those eyes!

On second thought, there might be some advantage to looking a bit frightening. Hmmm...what do you think? Should I practice a steely-eyed glare?

And speaking of woods, today I'm off to our church campground for a week of wonderful Bible teachers (Deborah Gill from CBE--yay!) and inspiring preachers and great music, plus swimming in a gorgeous lake, smelling the aroma of pine trees, and sitting around a fire at night. What a nice combination. Back in a week.


Anonymous said...

The owl does look like it is smiling. How was camp? How's Aunt Leta?

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Is this Shirley? Camp was great. :-) All the speakers were really good, and I'm refreshed. My mom is doing well, thank you!

Rick Schrager said...

Thank you for the comments- I'm pretty sure that traffic has been sparse but it's not the quantity of readers - it's the quality of the reader who does visit. Case in point- you've stopped by twice so it's all worthwhile ;)