Friday, June 03, 2005

Follow up

Long day, but I'm feeling better. My visit with Roy and Doc was helpful and enlightening. Tomorrow all the pastors and teams from the 20 churches meet. These days are always intense but good. Hope I get some sleep before I load my van with talkative church folk! I do have a great deal to think about, but I feel more able to do so with less anxiety!

Ken has more hope for resolving his constant problems with leg circulation. In addition to the vein rupture he also has struggled with painful ulcers on his ankle, and since his knee replacement last year has endured a knee and leg perpetually grossly swollen. Today the wound care specialist told him about a new treatment involving lasar. She told him that two other patients of hers have had this proceedure done and have had no further ulcers. If successful, it could also help the bleeding issue and the swelling. Insurance could be a problem.

Last night when the vision team members who are part of our revitalization project met for prayer we ended by praying quite intensely for Ken. I'd love to see a miracle....but this is good too! Ken is hopeful for the first time in a while.

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