Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Rev Gal Blog Pals

The Rev Gals have been blogging for five years! I have shared prayers, laughs, tears, insights, sermon notes, silly stuff, met some in person, and all in all have been blessed beyond the telling by this wonderful group of preaching women and their friends. I've reposted, slightly changed, a little limerick I wrote a while back. I LOVE YOU, REV GALS!

Five years ago today,
RevGals was on it's way,
The preachin' gals,
And preacher's pals,
Made history that day!

The blogs are fun to do,
The Preacher's Party too,
And Friday Five and all that jive,
Give us a place to play!

We gripe and pray and blog,
And sometimes go whole hog,
With cyber parties, real ones too,
There's always something new!

So Happy Birthday, Gals,
And Happy Birthday, Pals,
Five years today--Hip hip hurray!
It is a party day!


Jules said...

I love that RGBP brought us together. I will always cherish your visit to my congregation.

Carol said...

How do you become a part of this awesome Rev Gal Blog Pals? Sounds encouraging and fun.

Anonymous said...

And I love you back! <3

Ivy said...

I have connected with so many wonderful people through the Rev Gals--people like you. I've learned so much and gained such encouragement. Now I have a question. What do you do to display that new Rev Gals button on your blog??? Thanks Singing Owl.

Rev SS said...

great birthday limerick for great gal pals!

Mary Beth said...


seethroughfaith said...

five years ... wow!