Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Rule of Cows

Suz posted a comment asking who I thought was meant by "cows" in the FOTF letter, and I replied that I think it was just an example of two postions that are so far apart that there is simply no room for discussion.

As for the Bible debate, well I disagree that there is no room for discussion, but that is nothing new.

Meantime, I kept trying to reply and post a link, but it didn't work. So for Suz, and all other interested persons, here is a link to The Rule of Cows. It's a bit of wisdom that the cow question brought to mind. It's not about the TNIV. But it is food for a lot of (metaphorically speaking) "cud chewing."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a link to Pat's blog. Yes, the Rule of Cows does express what I was thinking. It is great to read the Better Bibles Blog but now I have found some women bloggers in this discussion as well.


Anonymous said...

Now I have to leave my apartment and venture out into the cold to find a bacon cheeseburger. Thanks. :PPPPPP


Anonymous said...

The Rule of Cows - wow. I can relate. I've been in the pasture a while. The five (directions/suggestions?) that follow the rule are pretty insightful as well. I guess I've become most comfortable "jumping the fence where they can't see" - I think my tendancy to do so developed as a survival skill.

much2ponder said...


I know that I am definitely at # 4. I realize I am not a cow; don’t live like one; will never treat myself like one; and won’t allow anyone else to treat me as one either, but let’s say just for one second I forgot I was not a cow…I would for sure follow through with # 3. I would get as many other cows to go with me as possible, encouraging them all the way, even if I attract attention, I will get further and some women might change their minds about weather or not they are cows and there is a possibility we would all be set free!

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

You are welcome, Suz. And as for you, Mr. have no sympathy. Glad to see you here though. Heartberry, I have been in that pasture a while too. I know Pat Gundry meant this to be a bit humorous, but boy oh boy, if you think of it...just think of how minorities or poor people get treated is so true! It expresses so well why it is that when I hear the word "role" I get a stiff spine...I hate "roles." I want to know what my purpose and calling is, but I could care less about some "role." And when the speaker or writer states somethint like, "The biblical role for wives (or husbands) is_______" or "The God-ordained role of _____ is...." I stop listening. Cows have their place, and they are valuable, but keep them in the pasture. I, too, became rather adept at #3, but that is changing lately. I sure hope it is God that is bringing the change! As for you, Ms. Much to Ponder, I can just see you now..."Come on, all you cows! WE can do it! Let's go! Forget this "cows are valuable but only in their proper place" nonsense! Don't you believe it! We can be FREE....wheeee....LET'S GO!

LOL....This Rule of Cows, well, it is funny, but it is true as well.

Anonymous said...

did I hear rolls? now I'm hungry again!

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Take heart, Nightmare. Thanksgiving is coming! You can stuff yourself silly then! :-) I'm going to be in your neighborhood, actually.

Anonymous said...

Cool, where at?

Nightmare, the never ending stomach.

Theresa Coleman said...

Dear Singing Owl,
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