Friday, March 10, 2006

Gimme a Head With Hair

Squinting into the sun with my son, who so far has no grey hair. He broke the genetic string, apparently.

Here is the Rev Gals Friday Five Meme, courtesy of Songbird. Perhaps some "nitpicking at her house inspired the hair meme.

1) Do you like your hair?

Yep. Always have, except in the latter half of the 60s, when I ironed it. (Yes, we actually did that. Sheesh!)

2) Have you ever colored your hair? If not, would you consider it?

If you look at the previous post you will see a picture of my mother. See what lovely white hair she has? Eveyone in her side of the family was prematurely grey, which means WHITE in old age. My hair started sprouting grey in a noticable manner when I was still in high school. By my 20s it looked frosted, which was kinda cool, but then I started coloring it. My mom never did, and I have no memories of her withoug steel grey hair. She looked older than her years. So from mid twenties I colored my hair my original color, which was a very dark brown. Everyone on mom's side had dark hair and blue eyes....Irish roots? I used to resemble the younger Lisa Minnelli. I grew it out at age forty. It was a nice greyish silver color, but I looked 50. I colored it again right away! I stopped again about five years ago. The growing-out process was horrendous. I looked like a skunk, and then like a calico cat, but I persevered, and as you can see from my profile picture and these other ones, my hair is now silver. It took months!

I do look older with this silver hair, and I wish I had waited till becoming 60 to do the deed, but I am not going back now. It was too difficult to get through the growing-out process.

3) What's the longest you've ever worn your hair? The shortest?

Wore it to my waist as a child. I had thick, shiny dark hair and I was a bit vain about it. Usually it was in braids or poneytails. Shortest? Well, I am chagrined to recall this, but I once sported a very short, kinky Afro. I think it was about 1974.

4) When and what was your worst. haircut. ever?

When I decided I was sick of long hair my mom cut it. Big mistake.

5) Tell us a favorite song or scene from a book or movie dealing with hair.

Well, since the Cream reunion concert has me thinking of flower power (lol) I guess I'll have to say "HAIR" from the musical of the same name. That song cracks me up. Hence the title of this blog post.

Now here is a woman wiht great hair. This is my friend, Deacon Pat. She is a teacher but could have been a hair dresser. Almost every Sunday she hustles me into my office where she works a small miracle on my hair. I wish she could fix my hair every morning.

And my most recent picture. Since it is black and white, I can pretentd I'm a blonde too!
That was kind of a narcissistic post, wasn't it? Blame Songbird.


Anonymous said...


I'm standing in line in case I can get some of that...

Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like me. I have blue eyes and dark brown hair that would naturally already be white (except from my father not my mother.)

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Hey, are you THE mrs. platypus? Nice to "see" you. :-)

And thanks, Mary Beth (smiling and blushing).

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am Dr. Platypus's wife.

Anonymous said...

The similarities just keep piling up Dorcas! I, too, started going grey in my early 20's (genetics on my mother's side); put a rinse in for a few years but just couldn't be bothered because my hair grew so fast. Now, I get stopped by total strangers regularly commenting on my 'beautiful' grey hair. Mike loves it. I love it. That's all that matters. Ha! I ironed my long straight hair in the 60's too! This is my thinking: I'd rather someone behind me is surprised at my 'young' face when I turn around than to have dyed hair and have someone surprised by my 'old' face when I turn around. (You know how scary THAT is sometimes!) :) Maureen

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Ooh, yeah, I do! Good point! I do have a (relatively wrinkle free face (for my age). But I don't like it when someone think's I am Deacon Pat's mom. Oh well, can't have everything, huh?

And this is getting strange? Are you a long lost relative, Maureen?