Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Road to Hell....etc.

Yesterday I went to my primary physician for a long-overdue physical check up.

Doc: How are you, stranger?

Me: Well, mostly okay.

Doc: How are things at the church? Still pastoring in ________?

Me: Fine, and yes.

Doc: Have you scheduled a mammogram?

Me: Umm, no, but I'll call right away.

Doc: Have you been working out a few times a week?

Me: Umm, no, but I do have an exercise bike.

Doc: Are you eating several servings of fruit and vegetables a day and cutting down on red meat?

Me: Umm, yeah, sure. Well, sometimes.

Me (feeling sheepish): I had good intentions. Does that count?

Doc: (looking grumpy): Does it in YOUR business?

Me: Ouch.


Anonymous said...

Obnoxious when they ask questions like the last one, isn't it???


Anonymous said...

I continue to pray for you Dorcas. Sorry, but I gotta side with the doc on this one and ask...DID you schedule your mammogram? If yes, good on you! If not, please do it today. You need to be in good physical shape to be able to handle all the mental and emotional challenges in your life and work. :) Maureen

Bad Alice said...

Oh, that's funny.

Now get that mammogram scheduled and schedule a treat for yourself the same day.

LutheranChik said...

I hate it when doctors get surly. (Mine is holding a Lipitor prescription over my head, metaphorically speaking, if I don't get my cholesterol count down.)

Anonymous said...

Permission, please, to use that as a sermon illustration or to put it in the newsletter!

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Well...sure. Go for it, Rev. Dave.
:-) My chagrin is your gain I guess. Ha!