Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bugs on the Windshield

I said I was looking for signs of spring. This is a clear one. I drove to our district office, about 75 miles away, and when I started for home I had to stop to wash the windshield because I couldn't see. Really, this is a good thing!

Other signs:

1. Tiny green buds on my front hedge.

2. Birds are singing happily

3. The birdbath in my front yard has water in it instead of an ice chunk

4. The stream behind my house is gurgling

5. Our church's lawn guy is out with some sort of machine that takes gravel (from our parking lot, pushed there by a snow plow) out of the lawn

6. There are beautiful lilies, azaleas and gardenias in a corner classrom waiting for Sunday--ahh--the smell of flowers

7. I'm wondering if it might actually be warm enough to wear something springy and bright on Easter

8. I put the snow shovel in the shed

9. I wore a sweater today (instead of a coat)

and last but not least....(drum roll)

10. My Texas-born-and-raised mother is thiking about whether to doff her long underwear!


D. P. said...

If you need some signs of spring you can always come to Georgia and mow my lawn! ;-)

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

If I could get to Georgia and enjoy a lovely southern springtime, I would GLADLY mow your lawn for you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well not too far from what it is in Finland today. Streets in Helsinki are getting to be dry and I left the winter boots at home today :-)
By the way, I send you long back email in the only address I have from you. I wonder if you got the mail, or if it went to some outdate email address. my email is first name dot mikkola at helsinki dot fi

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I admire your mother's courage!

see-through faith said...

still too cold (unseasonably) here and still winter tyres on - though most of the snow has gone. for now. icy wind - wouldn't be at all surprised if it snows again - but there are some signs of blue sky and puffy clouds so it won't snow this afternoon (I think)