Saturday, April 29, 2006

Together for the Gospel

I copied this from Suzanne McCarthy's blog. A few comments from me are at the end.

T4G on Women.

The Together for the Gospel Conference Article XVI

We affirm that the Scripture reveals a pattern of complementary order between men and women, and that this order is itself a testimony to the Gospel, even as it is the gift of our Creator and Redeemer. We also affirm that all Christians are called to service within the body of Christ, and that God has given to both men and women important and strategic roles within the home, the chuhrch, and the society. We further affirm that the teaching office of the church is assigned only to those men who are called of God in fulfillment of the biblical teachings and that men are to lead in their homes as husbands and fathers who fear and love God.

We deny that the distinction of roles between men and women revealed in the Bible is evidence of mere cultural conditioning or a manifestation of male oppression or prejudice against women. We also deny that this biblical distinction of roles excludes women from meaningful minstry in Christ's kingdom. We further deny that any church can confuse these issues without damaging its witness to the Gospel. The teaching office of the church is assigned only to those men who are called of God in fulfillment of the biblical teachings.

Suzanne adds, "If this is the conference whose registration form I read earlier, then it had a 'no women need apply' condition. I understand from this that if a woman preaches the gospel it damages the church's witness to the gospel."

Here is a link to the Together for the Gospel site. I went and took a look and then took a short trip down memory lane. In my late 20s I sat under the ministry of one of the speakers. He was an amazing communicator and a gifted teacher of the scriptures. My life was significantly influenced by this brother, and I can vividly recall sitting in a large crowd of young people, pouring over my Bible and writing notes like mad.

Reading Article XVI and remembering the amazing potential and power of this man, and also realizing what a meeting with him would likely be like today....well, it made me deeply, deeply sad. I grieve for my evangelical brethern, for the denomination of my childhood, for the men, and women too, who believe this and would never comprehend that it is not what God ever intended but instead was the plan of the enemy of our souls and of the Church of Jesus Christ.


Unknown said...

Beautifully said, Singing Owl. As a childhood Southern Baptist, I share similar feelings.

Anonymous said...

So "together" just means a bunch of men together I guess.

Unknown said...

Dear Singing Owl,
You wrote your article about t4g beautifully. It is sad, very sad.
Suzanne McCarthy commented at one of my posts.

Someone said to me today that the SBC is about to implode. Won't surprise me. Having heard that makes me think that one of the male leaders is out for more people and power. Could be wrong but don't think so.

Thanks for posting as well.