Monday, July 31, 2006

An Interview

My long-time cyber friend (and occational gracious consultant on matters of Greek and theology), Dr. Darrell Pursiful, is one of the contributors to "The Scroll" -- the blog of Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE). I'm honored to say that he recently sent me a series of questions for an interview there. It is three parts, but each part is fairly short. If you'd like to see the interview, start here.

Thank you, Dr. P. for believing I had something interesting to say!

And anyone interested in matters of church and gender issues, please spend some time at CBE. They changed my life.

Dr. Pursiful, also known affectionatly as "Dr. Playtypus" also has a new blog. Find it here.

P.S. I just noted he tagged me for a book meme! Oh yay! I'll have to wait to do that one for a bit, but I'll get back to it. We drove 13 hours to Springfield, spent two days there, one sitting in chairs, and drove another 13 hours to return home. I informed my husband that I will NOT be doing that again. I do have some things to say about it, but they will keep. I'm glad to be home. Even good conferences are tiring.


Psalmist said...

Welcome home, Singing Owl! I've missed you. Hope you're getting all rested up after your stressful travel.

Blessings to you!

Unknown said...

Hey welcome home.

And congratulations on being selected for an interview.

Unknown said...

I don't know what I am thinking, I read your interview earlier. It was really quite good.

chartreuseova said...

I loved your interview. I really relate to the woman you met who cried and said "it could have been different".

I'd never heard of CBE until I came across the link on your blog last month just at the point when I needed it most. And it has certainly turned my world upside down & twirled it around a few times as well. LOL!

I turned my back on God's call once, twice, at least three times (probably a dozen times). I don't have to look back and say it could have been different. It can be different.

Thank you & God bless you.

much2ponder said...
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much2ponder said...

Well Pastor Dorcas…I am glad you are back! Read your interview and I just want to thank you for the positive influence you have had in my life. Not only did you give freely of yourself in order to encourage me in my walk with the Lord, but if it had not been for the Lord putting you in my life at just the right time, I may have never understood what real love is. Thank you so much for walking in obedience and love! Oh and by the way, I am doing my best to remain faithful to the call the Lord has placed on my life, but I sure do appreciate all your prayers. God is so good!

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Thanks, all!

Chartreuseova? Now that has to be one of the most original names I've seen online. :-) Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Your last paragraph is interesting...and does it mean you already have taken a step in a different direction, or that you are about to do so?

Much2Ponder, I am grateful and honored to have been chosen for such a task! How awesome and wonderful God is, indeed! Praying ever day, but remember that the blessing goes both ways. :-D.

chartreuseova said...

chartreuseova = green eggs (without the ham LOL!)

I haven't taken any major steps yet. Or maybe just no official steps. I met with my pastor a few weeks ago & poured it all out. Well most of it, it would take days to cover it all. I told him much of the long story of disobedience to God's call...the excuses, the guilt, the confusion.

IRL, other than that only my dh knows.

I don't know where this is all going to lead. It's been a long trip from that 20-something young woman who heard God's voice back in the mid 80's and didn't pursue it, didn't even investigate it...I was United Methodist, single, childless and a tad bit younger. I'm not any of those now.

For the past 20 years, God has periodically tapped me on the shoulder but I always had a "good" excuse, an escape, something else that needed to be done. I could effectively rationalize it away.

God is getting less patient and hopefully I've become a better listener after all these years.