Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Church versus the church, Part II: Mike Yaconelli and My Generation

Just a little follow-up to my last post. Mike Yaconelli supplied the introduction to the book I wrote about, but the chapters don't necessarily take his thoughts deeper. Thanks, Iris, for letting me know he had died. I am surprised I did not know, or else I forgot, that.

Mike described himself as a "Bob Jones escapee" (if you don't understand that, never mind), was a "Jesus Movement" guy from my generation, and my first acquaintance with him was not Youth Specialities but was years ago in "The Wittenburg Door." He was the founder of that magazine, and in those young-adult days I found the idea of Christian satire a bit shocking, and also refreshing. I was just beginning to think for myself, to question some of what I'd been taught and to disagree somewhat with the faith of my father who (not surprisingly) hated "The Door."

Like Mike, I was there for the Jesus Movement, the Calvary Chapel movement and those following. Being around a while does change your perspective and tends to make you a bit less willing to jump on the latest "movement" because you know it will change eventually.

He was a baby boomer, and in some ways reflects much of what we boomers are like in that he seemed to remain young-at-heart and flexible in his desire to explore new ways of thinking and to be suspicious (and I mean in good ways) of "The Establishment." We need people like Mike to challenge us and to keep us thinking and questioning what we are doing (or not doing). Was he always a bit of a rebel, a seeker, as John commented to the first post? Yes. That is why I both agree and disagree with him. Sometimes the questioning can become an end in itself. Was that so with Mike? I do not know, but I know it seems to be for many of the people I meet today who are unhappy with church.

More later.

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