Sunday, October 11, 2009

Earl Creps on the Emerging Church

This post from Pentecostal and "Emergent style" church planter Dr. Earl Creps in linked in my sidebar. In case you haven't noticed it and would like to read it, I'm posting the link here. Of course (the post is about being Pentecostal and Emergent), some of what he writes is rather specific to Pentecostals. But quite of bit of it would apply to any of us in the "Evangelical" camp.

Here is one snippet from the post. I wish John Mac A. was aware of what Earl says here:

Generalizations are the enemy: It’s hard to have a conversation without them, but they are misleading. I’ve been asked questions like, “is the EmChurch good or bad?” “Well,” I might reply, “is Pentecostalism good or bad?” The only answer with any integrity is, “yes.” Most of the pastors and members of EmChurch venues that I’ve met have no resemblance to the ...stereotype that my more conservative friends tend to fear so much. Remember, most of these friends are reacting to the sins (real and perceived) of the mainstream evangelical church... And some have few theological interests, as in the mainstream, they are present within EnChurch because of their cultural prefernces.

Earl left a professorship at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary to plant a church in extremely postmodern Berkeley, California. I wish I could be there and help them out!


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Perhaps in some indirect are helping them out:)

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