Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Real Men of God

After all the attention given to making church "man friendly," the fear of the so-called "feminized church," the arrogance of some Christians who serve in public places (including politicians, CEOs and well-known ministers), it was refreshing to read this today. "There is a new move of God stirring among men in this country — but it is not about “taking charge” or throwing their testosterone around. It is about reflecting the full nature of Christ—humility, compassion, integrity, gentleness and strength—and passing it on, as fathers, to those we are called to mentor and disciple." So says, J. Lee Grady. Read the rest of the article here.

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R.A. said...

Oh I love this! The full nature of Christ...humility, compassion, integrity, gentleness, and strength. Wow! Yeah, that's what the Church is called to be - not not emasculated and not on steroids, but LIKE CHRIST! Thanks for sharing this. It reminds me of when C.S. Lewis says that it's arrogant for men to call certain traits, like frankness, "masculine" if seen in a woman.