Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Family Pictures

Here is a picture of my Texas mom, aged 88, who lives with us now. Click to enlarge. She loves the outdoors and flowers, so we took this little picture on our back deck a month or so ago. Pretty soon the deck will be covered with snow. Well, soon enough anyway.

Here is our son, Joshua, the youngest of our two children. He lives in Minneapolis.

And here he is with Jane. Too bad Josh's eyes are closed, but it is a nice picture of his lovely girlfriend.

And our daughter Kris, with husband, Daryl. She is now about 80 lbs lighter, but I don't have a picture yet.

Here we are at Kris' college graduation a while back.

This is my sister, Paulette, and her brand-new husband, Bob. Well, Bob isn't brand new. The marriage is. ;-)

And here I am with sister, Darlaine. She's the skinny one in the family. I'm the plump one, and I guess that means Paulette is just right.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Dorcas! Maureen