Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Gaza Strip

An Israeli soldier weeps as he helps evict others from their homes. Lord, how long?
This morning I am reading news reports of the situation in the Gaza strip as Israelis are being removed from their homes. I don't know the solution to the Palestianian-Israeli problem, but I confess to being a zionist--one of those who believes that God bequeathed that tiny spot to Israel. Nonetheless, I understand the Palestinians who are on rooftops rejoicing as they watch their Jewish neighbors evicted. God, what a mess your world is in! The slideshow pictures made me weep. . I hope some families will clean their home and leave a note saying "This was a good house for us. I pray God blesses you here." Please pray with me for wisdom for those involved and that El Shaddai, the Almighty one who comforts like a mother, will be revealed to hurting people.


much2ponder said...

My heart breaks for those people...and no solution in sight, I am in agreement with you in prayer.

Anonymous said...

This whole situation is so disturbing. I share your feelings. I guess what concerns me the most is that if it were truly a sacrifice for the sake of peace it would be worth it. But I can't help but doubt Sharon's optimism here. To see the Palestinians cheering it as a 'victory' and interpreting it as just the first step of destroying Israel is what I find frightening. There doesn't seem to be the proper appreciation & acknowledgement of what Israel is doing. :( Maureen