Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I've Been Tagged by Dr. Platypus

With the following meme (and thanks, dear Doctor, for picking me as one of your two):

1. Pick two of your favorite blogs. Pick small-time operations--

2. Write a post on your blog saying something nice about each of your favorites. Be sure to include a link! Do not think of this as a full-blown "review," just a some kind words describing what you appreciate about this blog or some encouraging words for the blogger.

3. Leave an appreciative comment on a recent post the "target" blog. In addition to discussing and/or praising the post, add a link back to the post on your own blog.

4. Invite the "target" blogger to repeat the process by picking two of his or her favorite blogs--anybody but the blogger that did the tagging!

Okay then, here goes...my first pick is Noodling. The author is Patricia Gundry, the Queen of the Blogosphere. At last count she had 24 or 25 blogs and/or websites. Pat is an author, a cook, a wife and mom, a life coach, a friend to women preachers (and male ones too, for that matter) and an all-around amazing woman. Her book "Heirs Together" is required reading for couples who ask me to perform their wedding ceremony. Find a link to it on her blog. And lots of other great stuff too.

Second is RevGalBlogPals. This is a new blog for me, and I am still working my way through the list of bloggers there, but I admit I already have some favorites. The blogging Rev. Gals are a diverse bunch of women, and a few men too. So far it seems that they range from a Roman Catholic nun and several Episcopalians to Methodists, Lutherans, a Baptist or two to Pentecostals and several others. There's a chaplain, several senior pastors, a few in school...young, and not-so-young, married and sincle. They seem to be from liberal and conservative ends of the theological spectrum and all points in between. I already find some things I don't agree with, and much I do. Their Advent devotionals have been wonderful, and they are making me think in new ways....almost always a good thing.


Anonymous said...

we make us think in new ways, and realise that the body of Christ is much larger, more diverse, deeper and much more beautiful than I ever imagined :)

thank you for choosing Rev Gals and friends - the ring has been a God-send and a life-saver to many of us I think.

blessed Christmas

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your shout-out on RGBP and welcome! I love that your name is Dorcas! I never met anyone named that before. How lovely!

Happy Christmas!