Friday, December 02, 2005

RevGals Friday Five: Decorations

This is what the top of our tree used to look like.

A Meme idea from the RevGalBlogPals site, with my comments, just because:

1) Do you display a nativity scene, and if so, where?
We have several. The one that always but always seems to get put out is a ceramic one made by my mother and aunt many years ag. My 89 year old mother now lives with us, and always says, "Oh...I remember when Pauline and I made those for everyone."

2) Do you put a skirt under the Christmas tree? If so, what does it look like?
Yes. It is a red fuzzy one with a white fuzzy edge. Ugh. Come to think of it, it is time to retire that one.

3) Do you hang lights on the house or put them in your windows?
Neither my husband nor I came from families that hung lights outside, and it would have been easy to do, since we were in warm, sunny Southern California. Now, DH goes into a frenzy of light hanging, and draping. It actually might not happen this year though. It is already December, and it is 11 degrees outside, and he is at work. If the outside of our house goes undecked it will seem very strange.

4) White lights or colored lights on the tree? Big bulbs or the small, pretty ones?

Colored ones, as many as possible. I like the big ones, but since we now put up a fake tree (ugh again) it has become the small ones. BUT there's a bunch of 'em, I can tell you that!

5) Do you have a tree topper? What sort? Who puts it on top of the tree?

See above photo, courtesy of For a long time we had a hideously ugly red star (I told my husband it looked like Mars...I know...Mars is a planet, not a star, but still...) Now we have an angel.

The tree in our church sanctuary is really beautiful. Very tall, many tiny white lights and gold, burgundy and white decorations...balls, snowflakes, large angels. It is stunning. We usually put a nice nativity set in the entryway, but this year we moved it to the sanctuary platform. Tmis meant moving the pulpit to the side and removing the drums but I like it. In front of the altar area is a lovely round table, a gift this year from someone's father's estate. It holds our advent wreath and brass candle sticks with large candles. We have large wreaths in various places this year.

Since our sanctuary is rather plain (typical of Assemblies of God churches--no stained glass windows, etc.) this is the time of year that the sanctuary looks lovliest. We also have a bank of poinsedttias under our cross in front, and more near the Advent wreath. Maybe I'll try to take a picture.

So, what do you do for decorations at your place?


Anonymous said...

It will be 3 years ago on the 26th (my birthday) that we moved into our new place (first one in 20 years - nice birthday presant). No Christmas decorations that year. I didn't have much the year before that, either. That fall I had begun a slow deep decent into a nasty depression that would take a few years to emerge from. I'm very glad to say that THIS YEAR I'm finally back to "normal" for me.

The move created a necessity to rethink the Christmas decorations that we had used for the past 20 years. It's been a wonderful opportunity to be purposeful in the decorating for a change.
Before, I had all the obvious stuff; whatever the kids made, gifts that were given, nativity, tree, lights, etc. Now, everything is carefully chosen to subtly proclaim Christ. Why? Because it's "Christ - mass" isn't it?

You see, not many in my extended family are believers in Christ, let alone followers of Him. Some are outright hostile toward Him yet, all are great fans of Christmas! The year prior to the onset of the depression two of the matriarcal (sp?) leaders in our family made a point of educating the rest of us of the pagan roots of many of our Christmas traditions; the tree, the ornaments for it, the lights, the mistletoe, the day and time of year, the origins of Santa Claus...
interesting stuff, probably true BUT not what it means to me.

Because I have the honor and privilege of being the hostess for 80% of the "clan" get togethers (we get together once each month)I value the opportunity to share my belief and faith in Christ with our home's atmosphere. When asked (or not), hopefully I will have something to share that leaves the door open to a meaningful conversation pointing to my Savior.

Inside; fake tree, blue lights, silver & gold garland, silver & gold bells and bows with multi-colored cloissone hearts and red & white candy canes for ornaments (no balls - on purpose!), silver star on top. Live poinsetta. A Nativity scene &/or heralding
angel(s) of some type throughout the house - main stage will be arriving soon; soft toy nativity set so all the grandbabies can play with it. Outside; evergreen swags with red velvet bows and main window has blue and white "star" lights with silver and gold accents. Oh, and the cookies... my special "Christmas only" cookies have a Christian theme, also... ah, yes! It's nice to be back to "normal!"

Merry Christmas!

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

What a wonderful comment! I well remember visiting your new, and unusual, home for an open house.

(For anyone reading, Heartberry lives in a round house, a sort of round cabin. Gotta see it to understand, but it is a wonderful and unique place.)

I can't believe it has been three years already. Wow! I had a good time picturing things as I read, and I said a prayer for your family--and for you, the "light" among them. A monthly clan get-together? That is wonderful.