Monday, June 05, 2006

Bits and Pieces

I wrote a long (and brilliant) post yesterday about Pentecost and worship and now it is gone-- vanished into cyberspace somehow! Not going to write it again. Don't you hate it when that happens? Well, maybe it wasn't exactly brilliant, but it was a lot of work.

It's been a busy week. Preparing for Sunday, attending an overnight training session, dealing with people, writing an article for the district, going to graduation get-togethers. Not much time for pondering. Here are just a few thoughts about a lot of different things.

The RevGals devotional book (in the sidebar) is available for daily devotional reading online. Find it at "Ordinary Time."

Here are some of my parishioners who are on a sort of "dream team" as we envision our future and pray. We just went to an overnight meeting, and when these pictures were taken we were having a great time laughing and talking and eating breakfast together.

Deacons Jim and Pat

Me, Wendy and D.H. Ken

Those who are observant will have noted that my eyes are closed. That is probably because I am waiting for the server to bring my first cup of coffee.

John and Nancy

We've been on a rather long spiritual and practical journey, and soon we will be sharing some significant direction for our congregation. I ask your prayers for me, and us, as we take the next step. I'll share more in a few weeks.

On the family front: I had a 2-hour telephone conversation with my son, Joshua, yesterday. He is thinking, and he is reading ("Blue Like Jazz"), and it is good. I believe the Holy Spirit is at work! For those who have prayed for him over the years, many thanks. My heart has been hurting for him for a very long time. I believe prayers are being aswered. Here's a picture taken at his sister's house.

Spent the better part of the day at the doctor's with my mother who is sick, but improving. Our little cat has horrible scabby lesions on her face, so I spent most of the rest of the day at the vet. No definitive answer as of yet.

And finally, if you want to read an excellent and thought-provoking post about the returning soldiers, go to Questing Parson's Blog. He is a wonderful writer, and this is a post well-worth reading.


Rachel Nguyen said...

What lovely photos!

I will certainly keep your church in my prayers as you discern your next steps.

ukok said...

Long time no see, just stopping by to say hello! Great pics, I will remember your intentions in my prayers :-)

God Bless you!