Friday, June 16, 2006

friday fiveZzzzzzz....

The Rev Gals have a tradition of a weekly five-question quiz. Here's this week's.

1. In what kind of environment do you sleep best? (e.g. amount of light and noise, temperature, number of pillows, breathe-right strip, sleeping in the buff, etc.)

Firm mattress. Dark. Quiet. Very cool temperature with a blanket over me unless I'm really warm. Don't like the feel of air blowing on me though. I tend to get too warm at night so I sleep in nothing or in very light pajamas. That was more than the Rev Gals needed to ask, IMO. ;-)

2. How much sleep do you need to feel consistently well-rested?

Honestly, I hate this, but it is about 9 or 10.

How much can you get by on? Six or seven, but not for days on end.

What are the consequences when you don't get enough?

I get blank. Just glassy eyed and can't think. Eventually I get really hyper and silly. Not good. If it goes on too long, I just don't funcion well AT ALL.

3. Night owl or morning person?

Depends on the situation. Mostly a night owl, but I love the occasional really early-morning for walking, sitting on the deck, drinking coffee and reading my Bible when no one else is up.

4. Favorite cure for insomnia

Still looking for one. :-( Tried warm milk (ugh) and melatonin and eating a small snack and taking a warm bath. Nothing is working very well. I have been struggling with insomnia for a while now.

5. To snooze or not to snooze? Why or why not?

Snooze. Because I wake up slowly. I rarely wake up feeling anywhere close to wide awake, and it often takes me some time to feel really awake. Once in a while, and I love it when it happens, I wake up raring to go. If I wake up and I am wide awake, I get up.

For now, I am really tired. Hope I can sleep. G'night.


Psalmist said...

Hope you got a good night's sleep, SingingOwl. Sorry about the insomnia.

Just thought I'd comment on the TMI thing. SINCE you shared about sleeping attire, I couldn't help but think that Mr. SingingOwl probably doesn't mind in the least!


Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

So many Rev Gals are insomniacs! It appears to be an occupational hazard.

St. Inuksuk said...

Thanks for your welcome!!!