Monday, June 26, 2006

Changes in the Southern Baptist Convention

I come from a long line of Southern Baptists. I probably left teeth marks on the pew as an infant. My first experiences of church were Southern Baptist experiences. I first leaned Jesus loved me from gracious and dedicated Baptist women. I was baptised at First Baptist, Pacoima, California. I attended Sunday School, Training Union and Girls Auxiliary. I met my first boyfriend at a Baptist camp. My husband and I were married by a Baptist minister. He was baptised in a Baptist church, and our infant daughter was dedicated in the same church. I can sing every hymn in the old blue Baptist Hymnal.

I left a long time ago, but a part of me will always remain a Southern Baptist.

For several years I have watched the tightening of control of my former denomination by a few men with (in my opinion) a damaging and divisive agenda. I've wondered what my dad, a life-long Southern Baptist deacon would think of the trends if he were alive to see them.

I rejoice that perhaps change is coming. Read about it here if you would like.


Questing Parson said...

The Episcopals elect a woman Presiding Bishop and now this. Dare we hope that it really is Pentecost?

LoieJ said...

I read Jimmy Carter's recent book. I was very surprised at how blunt he was about the Baptists and about fundamentalism in general. Blunt in a negative way.

Caroline said...

thank you so much for posting this. i have dealt with bitterness towards those so. bapt. for years. i'm thrilled to see what God will do through their new leader.

"I'm an inerrantist -- I believe in the word of God -- I'm just not mad about it," Page said in a post-election news conference.

beautiful, redemptive words.