Saturday, January 06, 2007

Heading into 2007

I'm not able, for some reason, to settle down and write much of anything. That is hard for me because writing is what helps me focus and think things through much of the time. Maybe soon. Here is Kris, looking very pregnant. Trinity Ann was due four days ago, so now we are just waiting. I think that I will be heading for Minnesota after church tomorrow.

Once this little one arrives, much will change for all of us. Just what, all remains to be seen. The anticipation is getting to me.

I have also been pondering resolutions, which I do not always do. I think this year I need to, and I need to be very specific about how I am going to fulfill them. It is one thing to set a goal, and it is quite another to write down some action steps. It's time for me to do that.

I must find new ways to be more consistent about prayer, because I know how important it is. Other things get in the way, and it is time to face facts and get moving.

Sunday we will be taking time as we approach the Lord's Table to leave some things behind. For me, that may include some plans and expectations. And I may be picking up some new, or slightly altered ones, in the process.

I need to clean my office. Aaaarrrrggggh!

I want my life to count for eternity. How about you?


Jeni said...

Sounds like a good game plan to me. January, beginning of a new year -good time to do mental housecleaning and chase the demons out to allow a cleaner, maybe even easier path then to be followed through the months ahead.

Anticipation of a new life, especially when it is one's first grandchild, is such an exciting time, isn't it? No wonder you can't concentrate and focus on things you normally would work with and quite adequately too! You're already focused on the idea of actually laying eyes for the first time on your granddaughter when she arrives! Hope all goes well for daughter and the baby - and for the new Grandma too!

Trust me when I tell you, there is nothing better than welcoming any new baby into the world but especially so when it is your own grandchild! I have three now and each one was such a thrill to see, to hold, to cuddle and love, love, love!

zorra said...

Praying for blessings for Kris and Trinity Ann, and dad, and Grandma and Grandpa too!

Anonymous said...

Not able to write -- well we'll see if you have anything to say once you're Granny Owl.

chartreuseova said...

Babies come when they are ready. So do words. Neither should be rushed.

Iris said...

I gathered from your comment on Cathy's page that the baby has arrived. COngratulations! How exciting!