Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Trinity Ann Has Arrived

All is well. I will spare you details except to say that after playing hide and seek for a week, when it was time she came in a HURRY and doctor only arrived about 10 minutes after the big event.

I (can you believe it?) left my camera at home. But pictures will follow. No groans allowed. I promise to only post the very best ones.

Hee hee.

She was born on the 7th at a little after 10 p.m.

Ruthie, I am trying to get a hold of you! Kris is in room 354!


chartreuseova said...


LoieJ said...

Hooray. You are in my prayers!

Chris said...


You're going to love the Grandma Biz!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Grandma! Praying for a speedy recuperation for Kris and for Ken not to go completely bonkers over his new grandgirl (it happened to my dad, so you just never know...) ;-)

HeyJules said...

Yippee!!! Congratulations to your entire family.

Anonymous said...

January 7 is a VERY good day to have a birthday!

Congratulations on your new arrival!

Psalmist said...

Oh, JOY!!!!

Blessings to you, Grandma, as well as to Trinity Ann, her mom & dad, and her proud Granddad, too.

I'm so happy for you ALL!!!


Anonymous said...

I'll try to stop by tomorrow. If not, give me a call on my cell phone.

zorra said...

Yea!!!!! Praise God!!!!!!

Looking forward to pictures!

Anonymous said...

So you have a new star in the family.


Anonymous said...

Congrats grandma!

Jeni said...

Congratulations to the parents and especially to the grandparents of this new blessing bestowed upon ALL of you! I'd bet the family farm too that now that Triity Ann is here, ready, willing and able to be cuddled, cooed to and generally fussed and kissed over, your issues of feeling unable to focus will begin to disappear in rapid fashion!

Granted, your focus might take on a somewhat different light, with postings about her, analogys that can be brought forth because you have this new life to nurture. But, for myself -being a grandparent of three of the greatest, most gorgeous little beings ever, I will look forward to seeing new ways to enjoy my three grands and watch your progress down this most beautiful road of life's offerings.

LMcC said...