Friday, November 16, 2007

Grumpy Part II

Yesterday I watched the TV program, "Criminal Minds." My husband likes it. Wonder why?
Anyway, one of the characters in this episode was a priest, "Father" Somebody. It was unclear whether he was Anglican or Roman Catholic, but he was wearing a collar, not a R.C. one. So do TV writers and costumers even know that an Episcopalian and a Catholic priest would likely wear different collars? But I digress. The thing that made me grumpy was that these three statements were made. All in one program! TWO were from my first Grumpy post!

1. "God will never send you more than you can handle."

2. "God is in everyone." (To a sadistic, twisted, murderer. Note: I love going to the prison chapel, but that is a seperate issue.)

3. "Everything happens for a really good reason."

Numbers one and two were said by the priest, in a calm, pastorly tone. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! Number three was uttered by a female regular on the show to a blind date as they discussed their accidental meeting earlier. He then turned and shot her.

A good reason all right. He's a crazy murderer.

Is there a person who reviews these things who might actually know what most Christian clergy people do or say?

If the American public believes the spiritual church leaders they see on TV actually say things clergy believe (I fear for many that the only ministers they see are on a TV or movie screen), it is no wonder so many unchurched folks think we are a bunch of brainless saps.


Anonymous said...

That is one of my favorite shows. Well, it's a toss up with that and House, depending on the week.


Singing Owl said...
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Singing Owl said...

I hope that when you saw that episode you said to yourself, "NO! THAT is NOT right! Dumb TV clergyman."


Anonymous said...

actually, I thought "Dorcas would NOT be liking this" as soon as I heard the quotes. Then I said a few bad words after Garcia got shot. I'm a big fan of her and Abby from NCIS, I get very angry when people mess with my uberhot computer gurus.


cheesehead said...

I sure hope people don't think TV clergy are real...just like TV doctors are not all "McDreamy" and not all TV lawyers are like *pick your favorite TV lawyer*."

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched TV in a while, and you reminded me of one of the reasons why :)

Singing Owl said...

Really?? LOLOL!

I like Garcia and Abby too. :-) Different kind of girls, not the Barbie type...I was shocked at the ending.

Singing Owl said...

Sorry, that last comment I made was to Nightmare.

Singing Owl said...

I hope not too, Cheesehead, but I'm afraid that if the clegy type says it, it will just reinforce the (*&^ that so many Americans already think is so, or even think we clergy types say. :-(

Anonymous said...

yeah, after the 'God never gives us more than we can handle" line, I thought of you immediately. And after Garcia got shot, I thought of driving to Hollywood with my Louisville Slugger. Thou shalt not mess with my non anorexic hotties. It's like an unspoken 11th commandment. We'll just say I am NOT a happy camper until Garcia is safe and sound. As for Abby, well, I'll just be quiet now, because dark haired, bowling loving, non anorexic women are my kryptonite.


Singing Owl said...


Yeah, let's hear it for non anorexic women!


Kathi said...

I enjoy the show too -- missed this particular episode, though.

I have noticed, over the years, that most TV shows equate (what they call) The Catholic Church (but really bears slim resemblance) with What All Christians Do And Believe. The very rare departure from The Catholic Church tends to the The Slick Televangelist With Bad Hair (several Law & Order episodes have this theme)... but inevitably, the Bad Hair Dude spouts things which only a Bad TV Priest would say, not things an accurate depiction of (even a criminal) evangelical sort would say.

I've talked to a great many people (most of them wiccans/pagans) who believe that "The Church" (whether it be Baptist, Pentecostal, or etc.) closely resembles the Catholic Church (or, what they think the CC is) because that's how hollywood portrays us.

Singing Owl said...

Kathi, Absoultely! That is kinda what I meant.

I had a Jewish friend and former boss who believed the same. He frequently says things that are nothing like what I do, say, or believe, assuming that of course that must be how it is because it is how the TV priests/preachers do it.

Makes me nuts!

Kris said...

Funny. I was more focused on the statement that if you believe in one you have to believe in the other... meaning Satan and God.
The priest thing I kind of just ignored since I know that Holloywood has a "clerical type" and it is pretty much the same.

Crimson Rambler said...

so, sisters...what TV shows get Christian stuff "right"? Any thoughts? Any happy memories of bits and pieces over the years?