Sunday, January 06, 2008

Recalling God's Goodness 3

Okay, Nightmare, your comment made me laugh, so this one is for you.

Two days ago I thanked God for my precious eyesight. Only when I almost lost it did I really understand just how precious a gift it is. I thank God for the other senses too. In addition to sight there is touch, hearing, smell, and taste.

I once knew someone who did not have taste buds. Now in the grand scheme of life, I suppose it would be less of an adjustment to functioning in home, society and work, etc. to have no taste buds instead of no eyes, no ears, no sense of touch. But just imagine with me for a moment the blessing of taste!

Do we need to enjoy food to subsist? Not really. But imagine the juicy goodness of a peach picked fresh from the tree. A really good garden-ripened tomato, or the spicy pungence of a really well made dish of Pud Thai. (You haven't eaten Pud Thai? Stop reading this blog and find a good Thai restaurant and order a plate, and think of me as you eat it.) Imagine a really good hamburger with the works on it, or a cold, crisp salad with greens picked from a garden. The sweet snap of a fresh pea pod between your teeth, the buttery goodness of corn on the cob, the cinnamon-flavored warmth of homemade apple pie, the first cup of coffee in the morning, the smooth sweetness of a chocolate malt, the salty cruch of a pretzel, the richness of peanut butter.

What blessings! Thank you, God, for our senses. And bless my friend Nightmare as he heads to the fridge after reading this post. I hope to make you a big batch of spaghetti one of these days, buddy. :-)

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nightmare said...

well, I almost made it all the way through without a snack break, but to rip off Jerry Maguire "you lost me at the pie". But in my defense, I came right back and finished reading.