Monday, June 16, 2008

Things I Don't Want Anyone to Say to Me

Not that they might not be least in part...sometimes. I just don't want to hear them. I've heard all of them in the last two weeks. When you say them it just feels to me like you don't want to listen. Do you see a problem with these statements? I'll be back to tell you what I think. I know, you can hardly wait.

1. Church is a living organism. Healthy living things grow. Healthy churches grow.

2. When the prayers go up, the blessings come down.

3. God will not take you where his grace cannot keep you.

4. God will never give you more than you can handle.

5. If you love enough, all things are possible.

6. God's plans cannot be stopped.

7. Someday it will all work out. It has to.


Rev Kim said...

Me neither. Blech to all of them.

Diane M. Roth said...

blech indeed.

Unknown said...

I join you in "blech"-ing.

Ruth said...

They are some of the most un-helpful phrases in the English language. Yuck. (Gotta be different, ya' know!)

Jules said...

Don't like those, either.

LOVE the Kandinsky-esque new design, though.


Anonymous said...

blech as well! May I add "it was God's will" ( when speaking of hurricanes, tornados, or sudden deaths.)".

much2ponder said...

You seem to be having a blach-a-thon...I'm in BLACH!