Monday, June 02, 2008

F of H Part Two -- Rev Gals and Pals

It was good to meet so many blogging friends, and sad to be able to have real conversations with so few! Just a few things here:

Questing Parson - No wonder his blog is all about telling stories! The man is full of stories. QP, I am so glad we met in person and I hope there will be a "next time." And thanks for picking me up outta the gutter. ;-)

St. Casserole - She is red headed and spunky! Spunky is good, especially when tempered by a soft southern drawl. Please pray for her and her church folks in Mississippi, still suffering the aftermath of Katrina.

Revs. Dave and Kim are the coolest clergy couple! Don't believe that old saw about Presbyterians, "God's frozen chosen." Dave saw me, said, "Ah, the famous SingingOwl!" and hugged me. You and Kim and Ken and I could be great friends if we lived closer. I can just tell. Thanks for letting me join you and your friend for lunch. And for sitting with me.

Diane and Sue are so gracious and kind! Blessings to you both, and I so wish we'd had more time to get acquainted.

And Cheesehead in Paradise gets my prize for the best outfit at the Rev Gals gathering. Whe says we don't know how to dress in this part of the country? Cheese does. But we knew that, right?


Lori said...

Wow, how cool to meet so many RevGal pals! That must've been very fun.

*she said in a lovely shade of green*

Rev Dave said...

When are you coming out to the 'voo? I promise you and Ken one free scone from our booth.

Diane M. Roth said...

I really wish we had more time to visit too! I think I got a little overwhelmed with all the people, too.

You aren't too far, though. Let me know when you are going to be in the Twin Cities. I'll take you to lunch, and I can tell you about when I played the piano for the Foursquare Gospel church. (that would be conversation #4.)

Terra said...

I enjoyed your stories even tho I didn't know what the F of H was, till I read your older post.
I was raised in CheeseHead land and return every year to visit family and friends. I feel so at home in the green state of Wisconsin.