Monday, June 02, 2008

Just Too Cute Not to Share

Trinity is not terribly stable on her feet yet, but wants to run. She is so full of life and smiles and spunk. She is, at not quite one and a half, already quite determined.

These pictures are all from two weeks ago when we had a short visit with my mother at the nursing home. At one point her mommy scolded her, "Trinity, sit down" when she insisted on standing up in a chair. A few moments later she took my mom's little stuffed cat, plopped it on a seat and said "Sit down!" She even got a small chuckle from her Great Grandmommy Leta. Ah, the children at day care don't know what they are in for when Princess Trinity Ann is about six months older.

Earlier that day, Sunday, she was dancing and clapping in church as we sang (distracting all), and at the end of service she crawled up on the altar steps where I had placed a microphone, and she stood up and begain babbling into it.

Maybe she is a Rev Gal in the making. :-)

I also added some pictures to the post below about Sunday's worship service.

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HeyJules said...

She's just so adorable! And you're right...what spunk!!!

HeyJules said...
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LoieJ said...

Cuter than cute!
I've got married daughter and grand-boys here this week!

Iris said...

So full of life! Ahhh!

chartreuseova said...

She is growing up so fast. And sounds like she's carrying on the family traits.

My Little Sprout will be 7 near the end of June and she still has the little scar on her lip from toppling over at about that age. Now we're dealing with the monkey bars and bike riding...more bruises & scars to come.