Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Husband as Head Part Two -- A Few Things to Note

This is me. I look pretty harmless. Kind of matronly, actually (dang it all). Let me note and/or assure you of a few things before proceeding, only because these are all things that have come up in the past, either on line, in emails or in person.

1. Ephesians 5:22 (that verse about wifely submission) is in the Bible.

2. Christian women of the world are not to rip Eph. 5:22 from the pages of scripture.

3. I'm generally not considered "butch" by anyone, unless being a preacher means that is a given.

4. You are not a heretic if you do not agree with my conclusions.

5. There are much more scholarly, complete, and well-done discussions than what I will attempt here. I will try to refer you to some later.

6. I don't have all the answers.

7. I love my husband. I don't brow beat him. Well, not often. ;-)

8. I am not angry at the male half of the human race. Actually, I generally like men.

9. I am not a new ager, nor goddess worshipper, nor an aging "women's libber" of the 60s. I was very traditional in my understanding of all this until much later in my life.

10. I am generally considered theologically pretty conservative and I'm from a theologically conservative denomination. I hate labels. I'm not as conservative as some of my theologically conservative friends or peers, nor am I as liberal as some of my more "progressive" or liberal friends." My point simply is is that I do not hold my opinions on this subject because I am buying into a "liberal, feminist agenda."

11. I have a high regard for the veracity of the Bible.


I really do not think that those who may read or comment here are going to try to fight with me. I mean, I do know who tends to read my blog. :-) But just in case, understand that I will not be debating nor arguing points in the comments. That is not my purpose. My beliefs on this subject did not come lightly, easily, nor without some painful consequences.

My thoughts on this could be about 150 posts long. I will not do that. I do not know how many posts it will be, however. You've been warned. Proceed at your own risk.

Okay, maybe I shouldn't have said that last part. Smile! This will be fun!


Diane M. Roth said...

hmmmm.... this is getting more and more interesting.

can't wait for the next installment.

LoieJ said...

I wonder how Husband as Head in a family is extrapolated to making men head outside of the family?

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

I don't know and I've wondered that for a long time, PS.

LoieJ said...

I ran into a strange situation one time. A friend and her family were moving away. We had a luncheon at our house for her and mutual female friends. Meanwhile, our male pastor asked me, shouldn't we have a going away party for them? So I told him about the luncheon and said, stop over. He did, right at the beginning , when we were about to eat. I had asked a friend to pray, but when she saw the pastor, she wouldn't unless HE asked her, which he did, after I whispered it to him. That bugged me.

I've heard pastors say that they get tired of always being the designated pray-er at events, like they have the right words or right connections.

In fact, when a pastor/church does a good job "equipping the saints" then there will be more pray-ers and leaders in the congregation rather than passive pew sitters.

And wouldn't this be the way to help the fathers or mother be better spiritual leaders in the home?

Sally said...

OK now I'm hooked!!! This could get interesting....

Jeni said...

Although I do tend to lean towards what many would say is the liberal aspect, I very much enjoy reading your blog, your take on things whether they be general or specific. Always gives me great food for thought. Sometimes I agree fully, other times, in part, but I really appreciate your explanation of submissive to husband when he says "Preach." Excellent method there, in my opinion anyway. Peace.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

He doesn't do it anymore--unless he is talking to a die hard traditionalist! Usually he tries to explain why it is okay for a woman to preach--but you know--sometimes it is hopeless, and then he falls back on the "I told her to preach" approach. :-)

Jan said...

Very interesting! Plus, you're braver than I am about posting a picture. The only picture I have on my blog of me is one from my childhood. I'd like to hear more about the veracity of the Bible. I believe it holds Truth, but not always literal facts. Thanks for such interesting info about yourself.

Also, congratulations on the award from Diane!

much2ponder said...

Thanks for taking the time to explain some things.

Jules said...

You go, girl!

Theresa Coleman said...

I kinda think back on what my father said to me a long time ago -- he wasn't exactly a traditionalist in his approach -- and yet he was. You have to understand that my mama brought in almost twice the amount of money he did in our two income family (a traditionalist would be somewhat threatened by that.)

He told me that God may have made him the head of the household -- but God made my mama the heart and without the either the head or the heart, the family is dead.

I've always like that.