Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Practicing Resurrection

It is the 33rd "Poetry Party" over at Abbey of the Arts where our hostess posts a picture and invites us to share thoughts or poems. If you would like to participate (for a chance at a prize), or just view the submissions, head on over.

Here is mine, as I remember my California beginnings:

Luminous days of summer sun
Salt Spray, Hot Sand, Cool Breeze
me on the shore

The family reclining behind me
Pretty Sisters, Scratchy Blankets, Beach Boys
me on the shore

Mother anxious, Daddy hopeful
Bright Towels, Radio Static, Picnic Basket
me on the shore

Shaking with fear-tinged joy
New Swimsuit, Curving Waves, Cold Splash
me on the shore
Toes curled.

Running, gasping with exhilaration,
Sweet Laughter, Happy Shouts, Burning Eyes
me in the surf

Remembered like years are nothing,
Passing Childhood, Fractured Family, Lost Security
me in the surf
Feeling little.

Somewhere inside my thoughts are,
Determined Faith, Stubborn Hope, God's love
me in the world

When will the final day arrive
Last Ending, Spirit Crossing, Eternal Beginning,
me with Father God,

Jesus smiling down at me with
Warm Recognition, Open Welcome, Outstretched Hand
me a child again


much2ponder said...

Very nice. It speaks of the cycle we must all go through in this one life.

"Somewhere inside my thoughts are, Determined Faith, Stubborn Hope, God's love me in the world,Wondering."

I'm especially with you on this part and then...I love the way it ends:)

"When will the final day arrive,Last Ending, Spirit Crossing, Eternal Beginning,me with Father God,Resurrected?
Jesus smiling down at me with,Warm Recognition, Open Welcome, Outstretched Hand,me a child again,Beginning."

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

:-) Thank you, M2P.

Abbey of the Arts said...

thanks owl, you use such wonderful verbs throughout, giving me a sense of the movement toward that final line.

Mavis said...

Oh WOW Singing Owl. This is just so amazing. Thank you

Patsy said...

I love every peom you have put on your blog. Do you have all your peoms posted somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Hold those thoughts Dorcas! They are God-given and timeless. :) Maureen