Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Still Here

I have most of a follow-up post written regarding men and church. Thank you to those who commented...what great insights! I will try to finish it up later today. I also have part of the next LBF chapter written. I'm spending much time at the hospital. As for Ken, he saw an infection specialist today and some changes are being made. He will likely be in the hospital for another week, but that depends on progress in the leg, of course. For now, surgery is not on the table. (Pun intended!) Thank you, my wonderful friends, for thoughts, phone calls, emails and prayers. Most of all for prayers!

Meanwhile, you might want to check out a insightful and thought-provoking post called, "False Distinction Between Gifts and Roles" by Sarah Flashing, who blogs at Flash Point. I do not agree with her on everything (for example, her view on women as pastors), but she has much to say that is well worth reading. Here is a snippet from this article.

When gifts and roles are pitted against each other, an important and valid distinction is lost between self-denial and selflessness, the latter which we find as the example of Jesus who gave his life for the church. We also find that it is selflessness, not self-denial, which is the foundation for biblical submission. When women focus their energy on denying or refusing to embrace God-given aspects of who they are in an effort to preserve or protect the image they have of wife and mom, the biblical teaching of submission also falls prey to becoming an act of negation (“giving up”) instead of a positive act of love (“giving to”)...Submission ceases to be a selfless way of living and takes on the form of denying the self of pleasures or wants. It becomes a new rule instead of a virtue.

What do you think? Back later, dudes and dudettes.


Anonymous said...

SO good to hear about are so heavy on my heart...I am praying for all the things you can imagine concerning both of you. Read something today about Roman soldiers whose armour actually hooked onto each other in battle and how our amour can link together in the battles we face. I know that you know my dear Dorcas how very many of us are standing with you in this battle (Ken's health/your work/everything!) and that we LOVE you dearly and have complete faith that God knows what He is doing in all this but we beg His mercy and strength and grace for you to go through it. ((((Dorcas&Ken))) love, Maureen

Sally said...

good stuff Singingowl, glad to hear about Ken :-)