Friday, May 01, 2009

Poetry Party

Christine over at Abbey of the Arts is offering another poetry party opportunity. She shares a picture and invites us to share poems or reflections. I'd like to quote a bit of what she says about this one.

I am writing a book right now on using the four elements of earth, fire, wind, and water as doorways into a greater intimacy with creation and God. These spring days the earth is flowering and flourishing in the northern hemisphere and we recently celebrated Earth Day. So I am inviting you to write poems in honor of the gift of earth and the ways God is revealed to you through stone or mountain, flower or fruit. Let this be your hymn of praise to creation.

When I was in Ireland two years ago I fell in love with the stones which marked the landscape as boundaries to mark property, as ancient tombs like
Newgrange honoring the dead, and as stone circles which date from 7000-3500 BC. These filled me with awe and wonder as windows onto an ancient people and their recognition of the enduring power of stone. Stories fill these rocks and they sing of a God who offers us solidity and a glimpse of the eternal.

So here is my poem, though I'm not thrilled with it.

Did I conceive all this people? Did I give them birth, that you should say to me, 'Carry them in your bosom, as a nurse carries a nursing child...I am not able to carry all this people alone; the burden is too heavy for me!
Moses, to God

Someone asked me, once
"May I call God Mother?"
Peoples of the ancient times
Knew truth that we do not,
Who is "Mother Nature" if not God?

God is timeless
God "conceives" and "carries"
and holds to a breast.
God the Father
God the Mother
Creator of Life.

God's eternal power and character cannot be seen. But from the beginning of creation, God has shown what these are like by all he has made...Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!
The Apostle Paul, to the Romans

Such knowledge is too much for me,
a daughter of The Ancient and The New.


Readers of this blog who have been around for a while know that last year I lost my beloved sister, Darlaine, to Alzheimer's. Grady is Darlaine's son and among other things, she passed on her love of words to him. When I visited Abbey of the Arts I was surprised to find an entry from Grady! I just had to share his beautiful poem here as well. I love you, Grady.

Sunlight is shining
Liquid be flowing
Basalt be standing
Heaven is glowing

To all with beginninga purpose is given
To all of creation a mission of love
To all Sons of Adam
an incomplete frenzy
To Sons of the Father a glorious gift

Flying, the birds
Growing, the grass
Swimming, the fish
Giving, the star


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I LOVE what you wrote. What a gift to go over there and see what he had done. Little unexpected gifts are sooo cool!

Anonymous said...

I like what you said. I always like your peoms. And I like what Grady said too. Does he live near you?

Patsy said...

sorry that was me

Abbey of the Arts said...

"a daughter of the Ancient and the New" is a beautiful place to live and express such moving words. Thank you for your offering and I adored Grady's poem as well.

I do the Henderson Hop! said...
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much2ponder said...

We do not choose our purposes do we? Instead we move along throughout this life pretty clueless to the size of the shoes we must fill. Perhaps this is a good thing since if we knew what might be expected of us...we would likely choose not to do it. I love you (((SO)))

I like your poem and I also enjoyed Gradys as well.

Gilly said...

Grady's poem is brilliant! I could have been standing by the Irish stones as I read it!

And I loved your poem too. So intuitive.

Grady said...

I found "Abbey of the Arts" through this blog, so you get some credit, too!
When I saw that photo, the ideas just came ...

For Anonymous - I live in Sammamish, WA - nearer Abbey than Dorcas!