Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Hoped-For Baby Dedication that May or May Not Happen

Princess Trinity Ann of Halseth in Cities by a Large River
I'm still thinking of those aristocratic titles....
Anyway, it seems the big midwest snowstorm of 2007 is about to hit us with a whallop. However, Trinity and Company are on their way here from Minnesota. They should arrive fine, since the worst of the snow and winds are not supposed to hit till the wee hours Sunday a.m. Trinity is supposed to be dedicated to the Lord tomorrow. But we aren't sure anyone will be able to make it to church.


chartreuseova said...

Already 8 inches in southern WI this morning and the second phase with visibility less than 1/4 mile hasn't begun yet.

Dedication or not, enjoy a cozy weekend with the princess and family.

Psalmist said...

Praying for safe travel for everyone, and for that dedication to HAPPEN! You are so blessed, my friend!

Anonymous said...

TEll Daryl and Kris I said HI,and sorry about the baby dedication.John

Jeni said...

Thankfully, the storm predicted here didn't materialize the way they thought it would - so no really huge accumulations or anything. Just enough change of humidity factors and temps though to get the old arthritis in my ankles and knees to aching is all it seems to have done!

The granddaughter seems to be growing really, really fast! They do that, I know, but boy, it's very noticeable when one sees pictures taken about a month apart! Sure is a little princess though!!!