Monday, August 27, 2007

Our Race Car

My church youth group has a drag car. Our long-suffering youth leader, John (in the black shirt), worked hard along with help from several youth and men and especially his buddy, Ray (in the red shirt), to get this car up and running. Ray's wife, Pat, a.k.a. Much2Ponder, painted the lettering, and more is to come. A race track not too far away features "Beat the Heat" nights when teens can race against the police (in some souped-up cop cars). Great idea, eh? Wanna see? The grumpy looking white haired lady in the stands is me, and Ken has the bottle of water. Thank you, Darren, for the video.


Anonymous said...

I'm overwhelmed. What a wonderful avenue of ministry. What lucky youth.

I only have one suggestion: Hey, Reverend, get out of your box and drive that thing.

chartreuseova said...

QP has an idea...I heard on the local Christian radio station about the "Faster Pastor" race held earlier in August. You've got a year to get some lessons from the teens, LOL!

redheadrev said...

I recently drove in a Fastor Pastor race. It was so much fun! You should do it.