Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Little Bit of Spring

Earlier it was raining and I heard a clap of thunder. Now the sun is out and it is almost 70. However, I am expecting an ice storm any time now. That is because this morning I started my winter clothes annual migragion from my closet to the basement.

It was a brash move, but life is not worth living without some risk in it, don't you agree?

Here are a few indications that spring has indeed sprung at last here in Wisconsin.

My Christmas cactus (which actually bloomed at Thanksgiving, as usual) got confused. I guess it was so joyful at the sun coming through its window that it managed to push out one flower in celebration of spring's return.

I picked the pussy willow branches to add to a spring boquet on the altar table.

Here is a close up.

And outside my office window the daffodills and the tulips are FINALLY about to pop!
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LoieJ said...

There was still a lot of snow on the ground on Friday. We were gone all weekend. No snow now, but, surprise, tulips are up several inches already. Unfortunately, the deer already had a snack.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

I've been feeling very sorry for you and folks in parts north. I has been bad enough here. I don't recall a winter as long as this one has been.

Deer snack....boo!

I hope both eyes are better now.

Anonymous said...

Surely we're due for one more good snowstorm yet :)

Jules said...

Wow! Your flowers are a lot farther along than mine.

How'd that happen?

jadedjabber said...

oooooo I love the pictures. How I miss the midwest in the spring.

Iris Godfrey said...

Check out my today's post for sight and sound of spring in the norther NY mountains.

zorra said...

Doesn't it lift your spirits to finally see some color outside?

And hooray for your confused Christmas cactus. We call ours the Epiphany cactus because that's about when it usually wakes up.

Anonymous said...

I saw your banner today.... WOW almost brought tears to my eyes... Hmmmmm wonder why?? Dorcas I love it. Jubilee is in my prayers for you to recieve all that God has planned for His people.. Love you much. Paulette