Sunday, October 02, 2005

And a last photo...or two

This is perhaps my favorite photograph!

And good bye to my new little Mississippi friends. My friend, Debra, and I quickly made connections with so many of these precious children. God, be with them.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I was so excited to find your blog on the internet. It was such a pleasure to serve with you in Waveland. My life has been forever changed by that experience. God worked not only on my heart but on my daughter's as well. You face painting was such a blessing to so many, it certailny made me smile. I love you guys. Please keep in touch.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Misty! WOW! How wonderful to "see you on my blog...
Hope it was okay that I called you at "tiny dynamo." Ha! That's how I saw you. Are you home for good? Going back? Still there?

Anonymous said...

You've posted some amazing photos and comments Dorcas. They make me wonder about the scenes and words inside you that cannot be described or expressed. I pray that you are recovering well after this great expenditure of strength on all fronts. May our Lord richly bless you for act of love. ((Dorcas)) Maureen