Sunday, October 23, 2005

More on Church

In August, before I started posting about Katrina issues, I ranted a bit about the supposed feminization of the church.

Here is something
on the subject from my friend, Galina. I especially like the last part. I'll quote it for you, but remember that it's not in response to every man on the planet. It's in response to one of those articles (like the one's I read that had me steaming) that tell us how boring and "girly" church is because there is not enough "adventure" and "risk." on:

Biblically speaking, the church exists to provide a place for connection, friendship and relationships for people who love Christ. It is there for Christians to gather together, experience God as a community, and go out to serve the world. Is that too boring for you? Yeah, my heart is bleeding (not!).

Adventure, risk, or danger, are not needs, they are self-centered and arrogant demands of the spoiled middle-to-upper class north-american christian males, who are forgetting how to be grateful for the "boring" safety of their society. What they need isn't churches who will organize hunting trips or mountain-climbing tours. They need to pack their bags, and go to Sri Lanka, Indonesia, or Malawi- or inner city areas - and serve the communities for whom danger isn't luxury or entertainment, it's a way of life.

The Christian life isn't about risk for the sake of risk, or having one's fill of adventure. It's about having a life that is meaningful, and dedicated to service. If it's too "girly" or too "boring", whiners don't need to join. The path of Christianity is narrow. Jesus said so. If you are not man enough to accept that challenge and carry your cross, please do everyone a favor, and find another hobby.

Thankfully, I know many such men. And women too. Thank God for people who are willing to have a meaningful, faithful life of service on a narrow path. May their tribe increase!


Judypatooote said...

Have you ever heard of Rob Bell? He is Pastor of a church in GrandRapids Michigan.....He is so interesting....He has a series out which is called Pathfinders Sunday School Class Series....on DVD and we are using it in my Sunday School Class....last year I went to a Youth Convention in Tenn. and he was one of the speakers.....

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

The name is familiar, but I have not seen his materials. I'll see what I can find about the Pathfinders series. Thanks!

tali said...

do we (women) get to tell men how they should be men? if one of my guy friends told me how to be a girl i'd likely eviscerate him.

verbally, anyhow.

just thinking.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Nah. No way!

Men get to tell other men how they should be manly though.
Either way, isn't it a bit annoying? (Serious.) All this "feminine" and "manly" stuff seems so pointless to me. Men are men, women are women, yep, there are differences...everyone is the same in some ways...everyone is also unique. Why is it so complex that books are being written and seminars given and sermons preached and workshops taught, etc.? It is a distraction from the real work of God's Kingdom, I think.

How about letting God's Spirit tell us how to be the person we were created to be?

BTW, I took a look at your three blogs. How do you keep them straight? ;-) Interesting stuff though!