Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bit of a scare last night

Kris was having very painful cramps for hours yesterday. They got worse; she called me; I urged her to talk to a doctor right away. She did, and the doctor said to get to the ER. If it was not a miscarriage they thought it might be an ectopic pregnancy. From 350 miles away we prayed--and we waited. At one a.m. the call came. Ultra sound showed "a little tadpole" right where it should be. No real explanation for the pain. Due date is Jan. 2. Okay then. Whew.


D. P. said...

Yikes! I hope everything remains alright up until 2 January (and for many years following!)

LutheranChik said...

Glad to hear that everything is all right.

Anonymous said...

"Whew" is right! Looks like this is a journey we'll be sharing with you Dorcas. How exciting!! (big grin) Maureen