Saturday, May 27, 2006

Five Things I Believe

I am doing the Rev Gals Friday Five, courtesy of Rev. Mother a bit late. I've been out in the woods, and I'm home working on my sermon and then after church will be heading off again. So this will be done quickly...maybe that is the best way anyhow!

1. I believe that this world did not happen by accident. I believe it was designed with infinite care and love by a divine intelligence that I cannot begin to comprehend.

2. That same God, who I cannot understand, wants me to try. And he/she wants fellowship with me. And you too. Amazing mystery!

3. I believe in the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Sprit, and I believe Jesus Christ reveals to us as much as we can know about God in this life. As I know him better I will know God.

4. I believe that someday it will all make sense. Probably not on this earth though.

5. I believe a bowl of chocolate ice cream has no calories.

P.S. I talked to Kris today and she is doing fine.

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