Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Blogiversary to Me

A day or so late.

One year of pictures, sermon notes, silly quizzes, rants, songs, and reflections. Thank you, anonymous lurkers and commenters alike, for sharing a little of the journey with me. I may have a few thoughts next week when I'm home for a stretch.


Jody Harrington said...

I'm glad you're here! Happy blogversary, SingingOwl.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed the past year of your blog. Thank you for allowing me to read it!!

Questing Parson said...

Time flies in your company. Here's to more blogyears!

HeyJules said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, what are we eating to celebrate?


D. P. said...

Has it been that long? Congrats and best wishes :-)

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Food to celebrate...hmmm.

Well, I guess since I'm hosting the party it better be things I do well.

1. Owl's famous fruit salad
2. Spinach and strawberry salad
2. Spaghetti and homemade garlic bread

Don't like spaghetti? Try...

3. Pork roast with gravy
4. Heavier than a rock potatoe dumplings (knedlicky) delicious!
5. With sweet and sour cabbage on the side (called zelli, it is full of bacon, onions, caraway..mmmm mmmm

and for dessert

Dump cake (let's try a strawberry and rhubard variety since the rhubarb is taking over the yard)
with homemade vanilla ice cream


Anonymous said...

Spaghetti is only my favorite food ever!!!!! The rest sounds delicious as well. Although I must warn you, I do tend to pass on desserts in favor of more spaghetti. (or pork roast and zelli)

Nightmare, the bottomless stomach