Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm Back

That is, I have a new hard drive. I lost a bunch of stuff, all my "favorites" and my email address book, but at least I can blog! :-)


LoieJ said...

Bummer. Can anything be recovered from your old hard drive? My daughter had a major crash of a lap top hard drive. The store said they would try to recover the stuff, if they did, it was $100. They couldn't. They said that they could send it somewhere so that if it was successful, it would be $500. She didn't have that kind of money.

So if you find out about this, please post the info.

That reminds me, back up my pictures to a disk or zip drive.

Unknown said...

Oh no. I hope you are able to get you address book back together. Glad you can blog. I do like what you have done to your blog. Beautiful.

Jeni said...

Boy, can I ever relate to losing the favorites and e-mail addys! Been through that twice in the past month since I got the new computer. But I have my address book almost back to what it was and am slowly rebuilding my favorites too! Luckily, I had saved bunches of photos over time on floppies and my next-door neighbor's son had made cds for me of photos, many of my writings, etc. And, the computer guy was able to pull off my documents that weren't on cds along with newer photos to a cd too! Need to get someone to help me transfer my family trees still though -now there's a task I'm not really looking forward to cause that is WORK - another four letter word ya know!

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Well, a guy at our church who works doing computer tech stuff was somehow able to transfer all of my pictures onto a disc! YAY! And most of the documents are okay too, but as for how he did it? I dunno. $500? For Pete's sake!