Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm in Print

I am greatly blessed and encouraged by the organization, Christians for Biblical Equality.

And I am excited to report that I am in print. Well, not me exactly. My article, "Is My Church Feminized?" If you would like to read the article, go to CBE's website and scroll down the page to "Mutuality." You will find a link to the article, which comes up in Acrobat Reader.

Thank you, Chelsea, for your wonderful additions. The Rembrandt "Flayed Ox" made me laugh out loud. And the sidebar with songs....great! Blessings to you and the folks at CBE.


CaptainQuick said...

Great article, SingingOwl! I was silently cheering you on all the way through reading it.

Unknown said...

Congratulations. Is the article you wrote earlier or a new one? I'll go read it.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

It's the same one. I think? Did I post about it??

Anonymous said...

Great Article!

From what you said, I assume then that the sidebar with the quotes was not yours?

Then should I address the factual error I found with the editors of Mutuality? (MWS didn't write "Above All" - he didn't even write the music - the two worship albums are the only albums of his where he wrote almost none of the songs (which is oddly enough why I don't like them) though the sentiment is the same, because I don't remember who did write it, but I do think I remember that it was a man...)

I'm a librarian who is a little too obsessed with details like this (which is good at times in my line of work - after all making sure Ralph Vaughn Williams is shelved under V instead of W is a very important detail, LOL - then it is useful, but the rest of the time...I'm just trying to figure out whether I'm supposed to let people know when things are wrong or not...)

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Hi Anonymous Librarian,

Yes, it wasn't me who added the songs sidebar, so I escape this particular goof.

I can get nit picky, so as for me, I'd want to know.


Thanks for reading the article!

zorra said...


DannyG said...

Good article. At our church the gender ratio is about even ultil you get to the age range where longevity statistics take over (70+). I do think that it helps that we have a lot of "active" ministries, like the Carpenter's Helpers team which showed up the day after (J) landed in a wheelchair and had ramps built front & back in a few hours. The fellowship of men "doing" was awsome.

Anonymous said...

Fellowship of men doing war! :^D I like that!