Sunday, July 08, 2007

Just a Couple Things

First, I just remembered that Proclaiming Softly tagged me for the "Jesus meme" and I was going to play and never did. So I added my own to Patches' thoughts. See post below. I'm not tagging anyone, since almost everybody has done this one!

Second, yesterday I attended a trans-denominational gathering in Green Bay that was convened for the purpose of prayer and repentence. I thought about Questing Parson who put this on his church sign, and someone corrected it for him! "The noive!" He changed it back.
I love it, don't you?

This is my yard. If you look closely you can see Paches in the window. The sign says "God Bless America." I like Parson's sign better. Maybe I can repaint mine for next year. Not that I don't want God's blessings...but God has already blessed us. Maybe read the Lincoln quote a few posts down if you have not done so yet.


LoieJ said...

I think that sign is a big improvement over the "God Bless America" that sometimes sounds like a command rather than a petition (asking) to God.

OTOH, although I know that it is Biblical to have people "bless God" it seems presumptive to me, so it is not language I'm comfortable with, but I've heard it in songs, etc.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

I know what you mean. In what way can we bless God, who is all in all? I think "bless" is used in the sense of praise as the statement is often used in that context. But you know how we talk about God being our audience of one, or of bringing a smile to God's face, or bringing God joy? This is blessing God, I think. America will bless God as she worships, praises, and exalts God, and as the people of God seek to walk in the ways God has set. IMO, anyway. Anyone have any thoughts about "blessing" God and what it might mean?