Saturday, July 07, 2007

Yakking Women and Silent Men?

"Another stereotype — chatty gals and taciturn guys — bites the dust. Turns out, when you actually count the words, there isn't much difference between the sexes when it comes to talking." R. Schmid, Associated Press

Ha! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

Just sayin'....

How many times have we heard (usually in marriage seminars or from the pulpit) that women talk about three times more than men? (Ha ha ha...oh poor husband who must listen to his wife talk when he just wants to put his feet up....or poor wife who wants to talk and husband has used his word quota for the day). I heard it, again, just last week and I rolled my eyes and made a gag motion to my husband -- who sat next to me trying not to laugh at my face making.

It turns out there that just maybe there never was any data supporting this stereotype. Some men are quite talkative. Some men are quiet. Some women are quite talkative. Some women are quiet. What a surprise!

Want to read more? See this article for study results.


Iris said...

Hooray for stupid stereotypes biting the dust!

LoieJ said...

Well, between my husband and I, well, I talk at least 4 times as much. But that says more about him than about me. My son, OTOH, he sure can talk. Not just the gift of gab either. He is marvelous with old people. I think he should get a job working with older people.

I've met two other men who just wouldn't shut up.

I wonder how they could measure the difference between "conversation" and "talking."