Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Five Things I Dig About Jesus

I'm not playing this meme. At least not at the moment. Patches the cat has been tagged. No, I kid you not. Check out the guest bloggers over at Psalmist's place. So Patches is coming out to blog.

Update for 7-8: I take it back. As mentioned above, I am adding comments.

Five Things I Dig About Jesus

1. Jesus cares about cats. I know he does because if he cares for those silly birds outside the window (yes, it is strange, but he said he did) he certainly must care about cats.

Owl says: I love that Jesus cares. About cats, and about all creation. Especially those who need him most. He cared so much he went to the cross. Oh the wonderous mystery of such love!

2. In a similar way, I dig that Jesus rides horses. You don't think so? Read Revelation! It isn't that I like horses, just that I think anyone who feeds sparrows and rides a horse is cool. Some people don't understand how wonderful animals are, but Jesus must! Hmmmm...I wonder how he feels about dogs?

Owl says: I love that Jesus treated the women in his life with respect and honor, as well as love. He never shooed them back to the kitchen, never patronized or talked down to them, never made suggestive comments, never sneered, literally or otherwise, at them.

3. I dig that Jesus liked the children and that they liked him back. He must have played with them, and been gentle with them for them to like him so much, don't you think? I like to play too! I'm going to go chase my little ball with a bell for a while.

Owl says: I like this about Jesus too. Jesus must have laughed and smiled a lot. Just think about the kind of person children love to be around. That is what Jesus was like! There is a scene in the Johnny Cash film from the '70s, "The Gospel Road" that I still recall vividly. Jesus is splashing water on children at the shore, teasing and building sand houses with them. That scene changed my thinking forever.

4. I like that Jesus was a morning person. I am one too...err...a morning cat, that is. I wake SingingOwl and Bearded Eagle up every morning by meowing loudly at their door. I'm helping them wake up nice and early so they can meet with Jesus. Meeeeooooowwwwww

Owl says: I love that Jesus wants to meet with me, that he waits patiently for me, that if necessary he gives me a spiritual poke to get me moving towards him once again.

5. I think it is wonderful that Jesus liked fish so much. He must have smelled sooo lovely from all that hanging around the Sea of Galilee and being with fishermen and such. He even likes fish for breakfast....mmmmm.....me too!

Owl says: I love that Jesus, the eternal Word, was willing to be made "flesh." To be like me and suffer hunger, pain, lonliness, frustration, anger, sadness, rejection, heartache,...dirty feet and stiff muscles, a tired back, sunburn and insect bites,...to deal with people who despised him or just did not understand and sometimes simply refused to hear the truth, to love anyway, to keep on the path that was set before him, to determine to do God's will no matter the cost. I will never even begin to understand the love that compelled my Creator to choose to be like me.

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HeyJules said...

Hahaha! Those are some of the best answers for this meme yet!

Love the kitty BTW.